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Specific gravity and alcohol content calculator for hard cider

07 Jul

Screenshot of cider templateHere’s the best tool you can have for planning a cider recipe. Usually, you need to use a hydrometer to determine the density (specific gravity or SG) of your cider before and after brewing in order to calculate its alcohol content. This spreadsheet does the work for you, calculating the blended SG and estimating your final alcohol content based on the sugar content of your ingredients. Fill in your own combination of juice, sugar, and additives and find out how strong the resulting cider will be. I’ve included some typical values for certain ingredients (Kirkland apple juice, white sugar, brown sugar, honey, etc.), and you can add your own if you have the nutritional information. While the calculator assumes you are letting your cider age and ferment to extreme dryness (SG = 1.000), you also determine the final alcohol content at any SG value you enter.

I rely on this spreadsheet so much that I barely take hydrometer readings anymore. Make copies of it in order to save a record of each cider batch that you make. I can flip through every batch I’ve made this year and determine what recipes are working and what ones need to be retooled. Keeping records is invaluable in good science. Did you realize you were conducting science by brewing cider?

Cider recipe template with specific gravity/alcohol calculator