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‘Will Return’ clock for endless absences

04 Jun

ClockThe classic “Will Return” clock takes on a new meaning when it’s a working clock ticking away on your desk. Set it 30 minutes ahead and anyone looking for you will see that you’ll be back in half an hour. When they come back — oops! Must have missed me! All day, it will insist that you’ll be back in just 30 more minutes. If your coworkers aren’t very observant, you can probably keep this up for a while before getting canned. I guess you could keep it turned to the correct time instead.

I know ThinkGeek used to sell them, but this is so simple that it was begging for a remake. All you need is a clock mechanism (easily found in cheap clocks or craft stores) and the appropriate sign (easily found at office and hardware stores). Read the rest of this entry »