Calendar Madness – Updated for December 2013

01 Dec

Every year at Christmas, I personalize a monthly calendar for my brother (witness the madness from my 2012 and 2011 calendars). For 2013, I decided to showcase each month’s artwork as it comes up. You’ll find the rest of the monthly pages after the jump below.

12 December Beanstalk

When I drew this, I did not realize that actual Hollywood professionals thought a Jack and the Beanstalk movie was a good idea.

November 2013

11 November Skydiving Anything

Is this a Mountain Dew ad?

October 2013

10 October Monkeys Against Climate Change

Monkeys make everything better.

September 2013

09 September Death Star Rising

You’ll get it, or you won’t.

August 2013

08 August Catapult Rides

Step 3: Profit!

July 2013

07 July Jack Handey

I can take no credit for Jack Handey’s brilliance, which is borrowed here.

June 2013

06 June Rock Turtles

Is this the “controversy” we’re supposed to be teaching? As a science teacher, I hope you recognize sarcasm when you see it.

May 2013

05 May Wooden Ships

Icebergs + lines = ships. You’re welcome.

April 2013

04 April Lake Monster Battle

Apparently, underwater monsters love coffee the way circus chimps love cigarettes.

March 2013

This merely continues the epic battles from the margins of my 7th-grade notebooks.

If I had known there would be so much Star-Wars-related news in March, I would have added the original cast in there somewhere when I drew this back in December.

February 2013

02 February Skeet Surfing

This ridiculous concept is courtesy of an absurd ’80s comic masterpiece. I would love to hear the Beach Boys sing this song.

January 2013

Death to the invaders! In retrospect, maybe those shields should have been protecting cities or something instead of empty countryside.

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  1. andrew

    12/04/2013 at 8:08 pm

    I used this idea last Christmas and will be doing 2 more this year. Way too much fun.