Mustache decals can dress up any mirror

31 Mar

Dinosaur in mustache mirrorThe sterling examples set by Mr. Boh, Mr Pringle, and Uncle Pennybags all indicate that a well-groomed mustache is a great mark of authority. At the same time, the time-honored art of drawing a devilish mustache on a someone’s portrait or photograph. What’s not to like?

Give yourself a smile every day with this assortment of mustache decals, suitable for not only windows and the like but especially for mirrors (in person, the illusion is most effective when you close one eye). People of all ages are amused by looking in a mustache mirror, almost as much as they are by funhouse mirrors that make you look fat or tall. Try on a new face! See if you like it.

I bought this pack from Archie McPhee, a great resource for ridiculous, useless amusements. Since it contains 11 different mustaches, there were more than enough for every mirror in the house (or a truly obscene number on just one mirror, I suppose). I decided to accommodate the very tall and very small people of the world by putting mustaches at various heights on one fairly large mirror. Even after that, I was left with so many that I’ve been giving them away. I’m told they also make fantastic eyebrows.

Mustache decals packageMustache mirror

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