Chalkboard drawing: “Reservations”

30 Sep

ReservationsIt didn’t take long for this reminder to make dinner reservations to turn into unkind social commentary. Enjoy the mid-week palate cleanser.

Context: I’m a fan of having a “landing strip” near the front door for storing keys, wallet, mail, and similar things that people need to grab before leaving the house. I recommend Ikea’s LUNS chalkboard/magnetboard as a great, cost-effective option. Besides hooks for keys and a storage space for everything else, it also provides a place to leave messages, shopping lists, or anything else that you can hang up with a magnet or draw with chalk. In my house, the chalkboard oscillates between simple reminders and a venue for the macabre. It’s like Pictionary (or “Eat Poo, You Cat”) based on a to-do list.

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