Friendly oven mitts

30 Aug

Happy oven mittsMost oven mitts are either utilitarian (functional but undecorated) or are decorated in some bizarre country farmhouse motif. I took plain oven mitts and made the kitchen a little friendlier by giving them an easy makeover with buttons for eyes. If you’ve ever made a sock puppet, you should be smacking yourself for not having thought of this one.

A cutesy, childish craft? Of course. Effective in producing smiles and chuckles from folk of all ages? You bet.

Plain black Ikea oven mittsI started with Ikea’s ZITA oven mitts ($2.99 each and far superior to Ikea’s 99-cent version) and sewed gold and black buttons along the leading edge of the mitt to make eyes. You may want to do this with one hand inside the mitt to make sure you don’t accidentally stitch all the way through and make it impossible to put the mitt on. You can give your new little friend a more recognizable mouth by sticking a semicircle of adhesive-backed red felt between the “thumb” and “fingers” of the mitt. Beware: you’ll need to stitch the felt down to keep it in place or it’s likely to fall off if you ever wash the mitts.

Biting oven mitt

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  1. marybeth.fedor

    09/10/2010 at 11:41 am

    Drew, you continue to amaze me!